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Curious Minds - Doctor Who Meets the Beatles

Doctor Who Meets the Beatles

I was a student in WCATY’s Doctor Who: Write Your Own Fan Fiction class this October/November. I would definitely recommend this course to somebody who is interested in writing because it was very fun to do and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. Working in an online class with real teachers and students for the first time took a little while to get used to. For example, at first it was a bit hard to figure out where to find information, but once I did, it was easy.


The class work was . . . challenging, but in a fun way. It was kind of difficult to come up with three story ideas in the first week, but after I did that and then chose an idea I liked, all I had to do was simply write my story. 


After I wrote the rough draft, I posted it to a certain place on the WCATY website and waited for critiques. I then set to applying the other students’ (and my teacher’s) suggestions. Once my story was edited and revised, I typed up the final draft, which I then posted at another designated section of the site. I also edited and revised other students’ stories, which was very fun to do. (I like editing and revising; I’m a bit of a grammar freak!)


I’ve written lots of fan fiction before, and had even started several Doctor Who stories, but never actually finished one. It was pretty fun to finally do that! (In case it isn’t clear, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan!) My story, “Invasion,” takes place in 1960s London, and features the eleventh Doctor, his companion Clara, and the Beatles, one of my favorite bands. Only in my story, the Beatles aren’t just a band!

It wasn’t all smooth going, though. I encountered some rough patches during the writing process, most notably . . . writer’s block!Yes, writer’s block, that thing dreaded by everyone who writes. I asked some of my family members for ideas, and with their help my writer’s block was soon gone. What a relief!!


The other students were helpful and friendly when I communicated with them through our posts on the online forums. I liked them very much. My teacher, Ms. Henn, was very helpful, too. Whenever I needed something I simply asked her and she responded quickly.


I would most definitely recommend this course to my friends or anybody who is interested. It was challenging but I still had fun, and I got a taste of what being a professional author is like. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience that I would do again.


Lara June Spanic (left) is a seventh grader at Downtown Montessori Academy in Milwaukee. She has two cats and a dog, and likes drawing, reading, writing, and watching Doctor Who and Gravity Falls. Doctor Who: Write Your Own Fan Fiction—one of WCATY’s new, four-week, online Project A courses—was Lara’s first WCATY class. WCATY students can read Lara’s story, “Invasion,” online at WCATY’s The DOoR Gallery.